About Us

With an academic background in Fine Arts, it didnt take Rejin and Disha too long to master the Art of Photography and start creating beautiful everlasting memories. Shooting for over 3 years as full time photographers in Singapore, and over 4 years in India, they bring an  array of endless creativity and vast experience which is unmatched.
Being a Husband and Wife team, they understand the needs of their clients and provide personalized services, capturing moments and helping you remember little things … long after its gone.

Rejin is a true blue Singaporean who has served and still is a reserve soldier in the Singapore Airforce and Disha is a Pani Puri loving Amdavadi. They met in college and have been together ever since. While not photographing, Rejin is busy making a mess with DIY woodwork and concrete while Disha is busy baking and roasting yummylicious stuff.
Ps - Stuff here means food and not “Stuff”